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Top 5 Ms. Headshots of 2016

We all know the importance of having a great headshot. It is the very first time the judges will see you and see how you work with the camera. The headshot is designed to capture your best self and a bit of your personality at the same time.

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Top 5 Ms. Headshots of 2016

5. USA Ambassador Ms., Cheryl Schrier

My eyes are immediately drawn to Cheryl’s headshot for USA Ambassador Ms. Her pose and smile are effortless. She looks warm and welcoming and the neutral blue and gray tones draw the eyes straight to her face. The short dark hair rounds her face shape, making her skin glow and highlighting her great facial features. She looks happy and has a great smile.

USA Ambassador Ms.
USA Ambassador Ms., Cheryl Schrier.

4. International Ms., Rose Buckley

Rose’s headshot is the best example of how to make a closer headshot work in your favor. A closer shot, like this one, brings a sense of intimacy and trust. Her asymmetrical hairstyle sculpts her face perfectly and hugs right above her chin. This outlines her face. The added earring provides a sense of glam to this shot.

Rose Buckley, International Ms.
International Ms., Rose Buckley.

3. Ms. Royalty International, Saryna Ritter

Saryna’s headshot is great because of the color scheme and the boldness in her look. With the crown on, it shows she is Queen and in charge. The purple stones in her crown matche her makeup, lips and earrings. She chose a bright yellow outfit and this allows more color to come through the picture. The statement necklace adds more flair without being overpowering. (Read: Secret to Taking a Winning Pageant Headshot)

Saryna Ritter, Ms. Royalty International
Ms. Royalty International, Saryna Ritter.

 2. Ms. Woman Nevada US, Yanné Halen Givens

Yanne’s headshot is giving us all the way glam and fierceness in her look. Her afro sculpts her face and brings out her personality. Just from looking at this picture you can easily see she is sure of herself and exudes confidence. Her skin is radiant, smooth and even. Her hand adds dimension and depth to the photograph. Her asymmetrical outfit adds that extra bit of feminine and sex appeal to this overall look. (Read: What Does Your Headshot Say About Your Brand?)

Ms. Woman Nevada
Ms. Woman Nevada US, Yanne Halen Givens.

1. Ms. Southwest USA Earth, Tien Davis

Tien is giving us that big Texas smile with our number one Ms. headshot. Immediately, the judges’ eyes will be drawn to hers because of her body positioning. She’s looking up at the photographer, making her eyes bigger and more pronounced. Her hair is fabulous and styled to perfection in this shot. She looks fun, confident and approachable; all characteristics for a great titleholder.

Tien Davis, Ms. Southwest USA Earth
Tien Davis, Ms. Southwest USA Earth

All of these women looked great and provided an excellent example of how to take a good headshot. They all looked right at the camera and showed their true selves. Your headshot will say a lot about you to the judges and may be your chance at a great first impression, so you want to make it fierce.

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