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Top 5 Pageant Interview Dresses of 2015

Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015,pageant interview dresses
Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015

It’s time for interview. You’ve prayed, prepared, and primped for this short-lived moment. You walk into the room, and what are the judges wearing?! The middle-aged man on the end is dressed in a lime green bow tie and a paisley sports coat while the pretty woman in the middle is wearing thick, black eyeliner and a plunging V-neck top that makes you cringe. The other female judge is wearing a necklace that could almost pass as a shirt and bracelets that sound like a slinky that won’t stop. Soak it all in.

All because of your first impression, you may not be able to take the judges seriously. All because of your first impression, you will remember each judge by the traits that bothered you about them.

Your judges have the same thought process – negative or positive – because they are people, too. First impressions are just human nature, and as much as we would like to say they don’t affect our scores in other areas of competition, they really do. (Read: 5 Tips to Create the Right First Impression)

First impressions begin with appearance, and these five women did it just right this year.

Top Pageant Interview Dresses of 2015

5. Loren McDaniel, Miss Arkansas 2015 

Arkansas MAO
Loren McDaniel, Miss Arkansas, in her elegant interview dress.

Miss Arkansas 2015 Loren McDaniel went for modern elegance at the 2016 Miss America pageant and absolutely nailed it. This dress has many qualities that make it perfect for interview: its three-quarter sleeves, modest neckline, simplicity, and color.

The length is just right and the fun rectangles break up the simplicity while adding personality to the dress. The key here is that they do it without being a distraction. Write that down!

4. Hannah Robison, Miss Tennessee 2015 

Hannah Robison, Miss Tennessee 2015 in her interview dress.
Hannah Robison, Miss Tennessee 2015, in her interview dress.

Hannah Robison, Miss Tennessee 2015, was bright and stylish in her Miss America interview dress. She chose a gorgeous purple color with a sleek, gold belt that added interest and maturity to her look.

Take note: her bracelet is very cute and doesn’t distract or take away from the look. If you choose to wear a bracelet, wear something simple and make sure that it doesn’t move. While her dress does have a lower cut neckline, it is still appropriate for her age and isn’t distracting.

If you want to know one way to stand out, it is to simply dress differently. From the dress color, to the added belt, to the shoe choice, Hannah must have been memorable because she was certainly stylish.

3. Jules Fletcher, Miss Teen International 2015 

Jules Fletcher,pageant interview dress,teen international
Miss Teen International 2015 Jules Fletcher dressed in pink prior to her winning interview.

Jules Fletcher, Miss Teen International 2015, chose a dress perfect for her age division and pageant system. Her dress captures her personality and is a mature, teen look. The highlights of this interview dress are its cute sleeves, modest length, and bold color.

Jules’ jeweled neckline was her way of breaking up the solid color and adding personality. It draws attention upward, making her face the focal point.

She also made the right decision in wearing nude heels. With such a bright dress, bright shoes may be too distracting. This whole look is fabulous for a Teen!

2. McKensie Garber, Miss Missouri 2015 

McKensie Garber, Miss Missouri 2015, pageant interview dress,
McKensie Garber, Miss Missouri 2015, timeless in red.

Red is classic! McKensie chose very wisely, wearing a dress that compliments her skin tone, hair, and body shape. Nothing is distracting or overpowering: it’s flattering and simple. A dress like this catches the judges attention from the beginning, and makes it easy to remember McKensie’s style and personality.

The style of this dress is timeless, making it an easy choice for this Top 5 list.

1. Olivia Jordan, Miss USA 2015 

blue interview dress,pageant interview dress,olivia jordan
Olivia Jordan before she became Miss Oklahoma, and before she won Miss USA in a fitted, electric blue dress.

Everything about this dress is a yes! The color, the fit, and the sleeves of this dress stand out and make it a “hit”. Olivia chose an interview outfit that flatters her shape completely and represents contemporary fashion. She made wise styling choices with small earrings and nude pumps to elongate her legs. A dress like this makes judges remember the girl wearing it!

Finding the Best Interview Dress for You

These five dresses captures some of 2015’s best looks. This year we saw classic styles, statement colors, and unique embellishments. How can you find your look? Here’s some food for thought:

First impressions are important in life, and they are critical in pageants. Appearance is the first thing that counts. Make sure that your first impression accurately represents who you are will make the judges see you before they see anything or anyone else. Simplicity, modesty, and subtle hints of personality all come together to make that possible. (Read:  5 Pageant Interview Dress Tips You Need to Know)

Do you agree with these interview dress choices? Let us know in the comments who YOU think should be #1!

Which dress do you like better?

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