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Top Sponsor Drops Out of Miss Tourism Zimbabwe

Every contestant, queen and director knows the struggle of trying to find sponsors to help cut the costs of pageantry. One of the worst things that could happen after putting all that hard work in to get the sponsor is to have them drop their support just before the pageant. (Read: How to Obtain Pageant Sponsors)

About the removal of support

One of the top sponsors of the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe 2017 pageant was the Big Time Strategic Group Zimbabwe. The sponsor contributed to last year’s pageant costs and was set to make a contribution again this year until recent differences between the two organizations prevented that. Last year, Big Time Strategic Group contributed to the pageant production and some of the prizes.

Recently, a spokesperson for the Big Time Strategic Group Zimbabwe confirmed that the organization will no longer be sponsoring the pageant. He said, “It’s official, yes, Big Time Strategic Group has withdrawn their support and sponsorship. I may not want to get into full details but I can confirm that it is correct, Big Time Strategic Group has pulled out, as we have terminated the relationship.” (Read: Pageant Sponsorship Do’s and Don’ts)

Photo: Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Facebook
Photo: Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Facebook

A former spokesperson for the pageant said that all developments in regards to the pageant were developed in good faith and agreed upon. The pageant credits the withdrawal of support to what it calls “irreconcilable differences” however, rumors seem to suggest alternate reasons for termination.

About the theories surrounding the withdrawal

One theory behind the withdrawal of support is that Big Time Strategic Group discovered the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe pageant organizers misappropriating funds. The Minister of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Dr. Walter Mzembi, was contacted regarding the truth of these allegations. He said that the allegations were false and just part of a smear campaign against the pageant. (Read: Where Did All of the Pageant Sponsors Go?)

Another theory behind the termination of the relationship with Miss Tourism Zimbabwe is that the head of Big Time Strategic Group has been talking with Miss World Zimbabwe about sponsoring that pageant. Many believe that Big Time Strategic Group found a reason to terminate the contract with Miss Tourism Zimbabwe so that it could sponsor Miss World Zimbabwe instead.

Either way, this is not good for pageant organizers or contestants. We hope that Miss Tourism Zimbabwe finds a new sponsor to support the young women competing this year.

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