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USA Ambassador Opens a National Community Service Title

USA Ambassador Preteen Sophie Schaked.

Community service is an important aspect in many pageant systems. Titleholders are expected to stand up and speak up for those who cannot do so for themselves and represent their communities and platforms with integrity and passion.

Yet, the commitment to the service isn’t the sole basis of winning the title.

Now, imagine getting to compete in a pageant where your community service is the star focus in getting you the crown. (Read: How to Promote Your Platform Through Community Service)

That is just what USA Ambassador’s National SLICC Ambassador title aims to do.

What is it?

SLICC stands for “Success through Leadership, Integrity, Character and Confidence.”

The winner will win a national crown, rhinestone sash, and the opportunity to participate in a mission trip.

Why does this title exist?

“The USA Ambassador Pageant is a charity driven organization that promotes Success through Leadership, Integrity, Character and Confidence in today’s young women,” according to USA Ambassador.

Meaning, this title aims to promote the mission even more than other national titles. This is a great option for girls who love the community service aspect of pageantry.

Who can participate?

The National SLICC Title is open to all contestants who enter the Community Service Optional.

At least two titles will be awarded. One title for the Jr. Preteen and Preteen divisions and one title for the Jr. Teen, Teen, Miss, Ms. and Mrs. divisions. If more than 15 entries are received, a third national title may be added.

How can you participate?

There are three steps to enter this title.

1. Enter the USA Ambassador Optional Competition Community Service Optional ($50) and submit your additional $200 to compete for SLICC Ambassador.

2. Submit your 90-second video about why you should be the next SLICC Ambassador.

3. In addition to submitting the Optional Community Service Competition Form, bring a portfolio book that highlights your last three years of service.

Your portfolio can include pictures, letters of recommendation, awards, recognition and verification from community service leaders.

The scoring is done by the same judges as the USA Ambassador national titles.

1/3 of the score comes from your national title interview.

1/3 comes from your video submission.

1/3 comes from your community service portfolio.

When and where is it?

The National USA Ambassador pageant is July 25-30, 2017, in Palm Harbor, Florida. (Read: How an Optional Can Win You the National Title)

Videos are submitted to the national office and portfolios are turned in at the national pageant.

For more information on the SLICC title or to get involved with USA Ambassador, contact the national office.

Going Forward

While many pageants, and all titles in the USA Ambassador system, aim to recognize achievement in serving your community, the SLICC title with USA Ambassador is based entirely on your community service work.

Some people were born with talent to entertain their communities, some were born to lead and others were born to serve, and it is wonderful that a title has been created with the sole purpose to recognize and celebrate those with a servant’s heart.

Good luck!

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