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What Every Vocalist Should Do Before Walking On Stage

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The moments before you step on stage are always the most stressful, because you never really truly know what to do with yourself. Through my years of being a vocalist, I have come down with a small routine to do before every time I walk on stage. They may seem like small, insignificant, things, but these small changes to your routine can do a lot more for you than you think.


What most vocalists don’t realize is how important stretching really is. You need to stretch out your abdominal muscles, so they become relaxed before you perform. Your abdominal muscles are a key part to helping you succeed as a vocalist, and keeping them stretched and relaxed can help you push that belty number, opera number, showtune number, or whatever you’ve been working on so hard, over the top.

Run Over Blocking

It’s best not to drive yourself insane over this, but it is important to remember where you are going. When you are blocking a vocal number, remember that wherever you go, you must go with a purpose. Same goes with how you use your arms. (What goes up must come down). Be sure you know where you’re going on stage before you step on. Just by running over the song in your head and looking at the stage to see where you will be for each part of the song can help you feel more comfortable as you move.

Warm Up

In this moment, I give you all power to be a little selfish. (But don’t let it get to your head ladies). Take a moment to REALLY warm up. Go into a stairwell, the dressing room, whatever you need to warm up. I’m not saying just a couple “ooh”s and “ahh”s. I mean full on, warm up, belt it all out. Do every warm up you know in the book, to help you really relax your throat and your tongue. Taking this time to just yourself and not really focusing on anything or anyone else can get your head in the game. The other contestants should understand because before they perform they need to be doing the same thing. But like I said, don’t let this small sliver of selfishness turn you into pageantzilla!

Sing Your Song… ONCE

I say only ONCE because many girls over think things (guilty as charged) and you can make yourself forget blocking, words, emotions, if you practice too much. Take time to go through the whole song, with blocking, proper breaths, and emotion, once. It doesn’t even have to be full on singing, you could sing it in your head, but just so you don’t sike yourself out; sing it one time then be done with it. You have practiced long and hard enough, you’ve got this.


Take a moment to yourself to actually breathe. Give yourself that little pep-talk you always do, and just smile. You’ve put plenty enough hard work into this beautiful song, all that’s left is to let it shine. You’ve worked on this for a long time, you’ve pushed through those tough notes, and dug down deep to find the emotion to go with the song, all that’s left to do is walk out there and show the judges what you’ve got.

Your voice is your instrument, and if you don’t take the time to take care of it and work with it, you can really hurt yourself in the long run. These small little steps are not only important for your voice, but for your nerves. These take the stress and anxiety of walking on stage away little by little. Go through each step and really focus on them. Before you know it, you will be walking on stage with our a worry in the world, and ready to take it all. You’ve got what it takes, you just have to believe and make it happen.

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  1. Hi. My name is Nicole. And I am not from the USA but I’m actually from Fiji. And well the fact is that I entered a pageant and I am really nervous. I kinda decided that I wanted my talent to be singing but I don’t know what song to sing. Please help. Oh and by the way I am 13

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