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What Kind of Girl is a Pageant Girl?

Princess of America Titleholders 2016 in Atlantic City. Photo: AC photo
Princess of America Titleholders 2016 in Atlantic City. Photo: AC Photo

This is a very common question in pageantry. Many girls will say, “I’m not the typical pageant girl.”

Well, guess what, none of us are. Every girl on that stage is not your “stereotypical” pageant girl. Some are in marching band, others cheer, others focus solely on academic clubs and their studies, some sing, some act, some play sports, some hunt, some dance, some take photos, some write and some travel.

Some have brown hair, some red, some blond, some black. Some have tan skin, some black skin, some white skin, some a combination of skin types and colors. (Read: How Do You Find the Right Evening Gown for Your Skin Tone?)

Some have a disability you can see, some have a disability you can’t see.

The thing that all pageant girls have is a goal to win. Each why is different, but the goal is the same. The rest of it is unique to her.

So, what kind of girl is a pageant girl? A girl like you.

Miss Princess of America 2016, Kelsie Booker. Photo courtesy/Princess of America
Miss Princess of America 2016, Kelsie Booker. Photo: Imagine Studios

What Kind of Girl is a Pageant Girl?

1. A girl who believes in her strength.

If you can stand up in front of a group of judges and a crowd of people and speak your mind and talk about what you believe in and how you can change the world, you’re a pageant girl.

2. A girl that is comfortable in her own skin.

If you can stand on stage in a swimsuit or fitness wear, a figure-flattering evening gown and a shape-accentuating interview outfit, or with your hair falling flat, with braces, glasses, and a zit on you face with confidence and a smile, you’re a pageant girl. (Read: How to Keep Your Pageant Confidence High During Competition Week)

3. A girl with a heart of compassion.

If you want to have a voice for those who don’t or a platform on which to speak to ensure those without one can be heard, you’re a pageant girl.

4. A girl who knows she is never too small to make a difference.

If you don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you’re too young, too small or too little, you’re a pageant girl.

5. A girl who believes she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

If you set goals, make a plan and insist you can do them no matter what or who stands your way, you’re a pageant girl.

6. A girl who is empowered by the things that make her different.

If you take what makes you stand out in the world and use it to help others, you’re a pageant girl.

7. A girl who believes in her own definition of beauty.

If you don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you don’t look like the people who have done it before you, you’re a pageant girl.

(P.S.: I won a pageant with spiked hair while everyone else’s was curled)

8. A girl who believes in her dreams.

If you believe that you can accomplish your dreams no matter what it is or how long it takes, you’re a pageant girl.

So, just who managed to define the undefinable? Princess of America, a relatively new pageant system on the scene, did. Princess of America is a natural pageant system for girls ages 4-24. The basis of the organization is self-development and community service.

“As one of the newer national pageant systems in the country, it combines some traditional and modern aspects of pageantry by offering some unique opportunities for participants,” said Marissa Foli, National Delegate Coordinator for Princess of America.

Princess of America Titleholders 2016. Photo courtesy/Princess of America
Princess of America Titleholders 2016. Photo: Imagine Studios

3 Things to Know About Princess of America

1. There are multiple opportunities to win.

Princess of America awards 10 national titles. In addition to crowning one winner in each of the six age divisions (4-6 Tiny Miss, 7-9 Little Miss, 10-12 Preteen Miss, 13-15 Teen Miss, 16-18 Junior Miss, 19-24 Miss), there are four additional titles available to participants.

*The Superstar title is awarded to the overall high-scoring talent winner who was not already crowned in her age division.

*The Sweetheart title is awarded to the highest scoring delegate in the required areas of competition who was not already crowned in her age division.

*Ambassador titles (one in the junior divisions and one in the senior divisions) are awarded based on a community service portfolio and a panel interview.

2. “A Crown with a Cause”

There is a reason you hold a title and wear a crown; it’s not about you, it is about serving others. (Read: How to Promote Your Platform Through Community Service)

“Not only does this Princess of America focus on self-development and confidence building for each participant, it places a strong emphasis on each titleholder giving back to their community,”  said. “Each girl is encouraged to select a platform, a cause, or a purpose for the duration of her reign…The Princess of America crown represents the heart of true beauty, which can only be found from within.”

3. There are onstage questions.

While often the scariest part of a pageant competition, onstage question is the most effective area to determine how well-spoken a contestant really is. (Read: How to Answer Onstage Question Confidently When You Don’t Know the Answer)

“As an organization that focuses on the empowerment of young women, Princess of America believes that the ability to use your voice is one of the most powerful tools,” Foli said.

Girls ages 7 and up answer an onstage question. Contestants ages 7-12 are given a list of potential questions ahead of time. Contestants ages 13-24 are asked to draw a question out of a bowl on stage.

“Positive communication skills will serve pageant participants long after the gown has been hung up and the crown and banner stored away,” explained Foli.

Princess of America 2016 Pageant. Photo courtesy/Princess of America
Princess of America 2016 Pageant. Photo: Imagine Studios

Join the Fun

Princess of America is still accepting appointed titles for the 2017 national pageant in Branson, Missouri! The deadline to enter is May 18, 2017. Email info@princessofamerica.org or visit www.princessofamerica.com for more information.

Going Forward

We hear it all the time: different day, different judges, different girl crowned. There are multiple systems out there because each system is looking for a different type of girl. But a pageant girl is one who believes in herself, empowers others, speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves, and represents her title who integrity.

If this is you, then you’re a pageant girl – crown or no crown. So why not go get one for yourself? It’s a great accessory that amplifies your voice in ways you wouldn’t believe.

Good luck, ladies!

Which dress do you like better?

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