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What Pageant Questions Are Asked in Interview at Miss World?

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Miss World contestants enjoying the international pageant experience!

What Pageant Questions Are Asked In Interview

Unlike the Miss Universe and Miss America pageant systems, the Miss World organization does not ask each contestant a different question in the on-stage interview. Instead, they ask each finalist the same question:

“Why do you think you should be the next Miss World?”

Then each of the finalists has the chance to answer the same question. Because in the Miss World pageant all of the contestants come from very different cultural and language backgrounds, it is not difficult for them to all have different messages and answers in response to this question.

Similar to the onstage question in Miss America, the contestants each have 30 seconds to answer the question. A difference in the Miss World pageant is that the host may comment on and perhaps even add in a comment during the pageant contestant’s answer, as Tim Vincent did in the Miss World 2014 pageant during Miss Hungary’s answer. (Read: How to Answer, “Why Should You Win This Pageant?”)

Typical Responses in Miss World Interview

In response to why they should be the next Miss World, contestants use their 30 seconds to express their gratitude for their journey as well as how much they’ve learned during their time representing their country.

Other topics that contestants most commonly use in their answers include recognizing how much of who they are is beneath the surface and how they hope to make changes in the world and look towards unity and world peace.

What Happens in the Preliminary Interview at Miss World?

Is there a preliminary interview portion to the Miss World competition? The answer is yes, each contestant does get a personal time with the judges, but the score is not based heavily on contestants answers.

The contestants are judged on three criteria during the interview; The first is beauty, grace and charm, the second is intelligence, poise and personality, and the third is figure and deportment. Unlike in the Miss America pageant, where contestants answer specific answers to detailed current events issues, the Miss World contestants are evaluated in response to their global ideals and their hopes for their individual countries.

Questions Focused on Getting to Know the Contestant’s Journey

Most communication with contestants is based on what brought them to the competition and why they want to win and any supplemental information likely relates back to that question. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the contestants but their ability to market themselves is brought to the forefront of the competition because of the limited verbal communication segments. (Read: How to Become a Famous Pageant Girl through Marketing)

Some portions of the contestant’s interview with the judges is displayed in a video for the finalists, as they showed at Miss World 2013. Here again, the contestants are focused on answering what brought them to the Miss World pageant and why they want to win.

When the video is included before the contestants answer why they want to be Miss World it gives them a little bit of background so that in their 30 seconds they can delve into what the Miss World Organization represents and how their values and ideals as a contestant make them perfect for the job of Miss World.

Because there is only one question in the interview portion of the Miss World pageant, contestants display their personality and passions through challenge events including beauty with a purpose, multimedia, sports and fitness, talent, and top model, which all contribute to their final score.

Pageant Questions About Beauty With a Purpose

The beauty with with a purpose portion is where contestants may present their chosen charity project. By winning this challenge, the contestant not only wins points towards their final score, but they also win $10,000 for the charity that they’ve been working alongside.

Beauty with a purpose gives the Miss World contestants the opportunity to present their charity of choice and why it’s important and how they intend to help, which would be presented in the interview in the Miss America and Miss Universe pageants. This is unique in that it allows one contestant to contribute significantly towards her charity, regardless of whether or not she wins the crown. (Read: Miss World 2014 Rolene Strauss Truly Believes in “Beauty With A Purpose”)

Apart from the on stage question for finalists, the multimedia challenge also gives contestants the opportunity to interact with their fan base and gather support. Using social media contestants may display their unique personalities and interests as well as support for their charity and unlike in most pageants, it is part of their score. This is another way in which the girls can communicate what they want the judges to see outside of an interview. (Read: How to Win the Social Media Challenge at Miss World)

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