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What Shoes Should a Child Wear in a Pageant?

While in older age divisions we use our shoes to help with height, in children’s pageants the shoes should complement the contestant’s age. (Read: What is the Difference Between Natural and Glitz Pageants?)

Below we have broken it down by ages so you can find the perfect shoe for your child.

Baby – 7 years old

Consider a simple Mary Jane style with a low, chunky heel. You want your little one to be able to walk easily and for the shoe to not wobble or flop off her foot.



These are available in 5-12 whole and half sizes for many sizes with both medium and wide widths.




Available in sizes 5-11, whole and half sizes in some sizes with medium widths.


7 – 10 years old

There is a bit of overlap here only because of the shoe style. Children’s pageants often favor a full shoe style with cupcake dresses in younger divisions, but as they drift into older age divisions and longer dress you can go for a higher heel and different shoe shape. The socks typically make it appear like a full shoe, anyway.



This shoe is available in sizes 5-11, with whole and half sizes available and medium widths.


10 – 12 years old

As your girl becomes a preteen, it’s time to introduce her to a more traditional heel, but keep the height low so she can learn to properly walk in heels before going to the full teen style stiletto.

This age is often going through growth spurts, so it is important to support their bodies with a good shoe and low heel even if they insist they are ready to jump to the big heels.



This heel is available in sizes 5-11, with whole and half sizes in some sizes and medium widths.

If your preteen in this age division is past these shoe sizes, seek shoes that support the same look and features in the adult sections. Wedding sections are a great place to check, just be sure to look for a rounded toe for a more youthful look.




This shoe comes in many sizes and widths, so it is a great option for a growing foot. The chunkier heel offers the support needed from the lack of a buckle.

If you decide to go with a higher heel in this age group, make sure your child can walk in them comfortably and confidently. Without the buckle, it can make it difficult to keep the shoes secure, and even with the buckle, the narrower heel can feel a bit unstable.

Going Forward

Chic Boutique offers a variety of shoes that are perfect for children’s pageants. (Read: How to Decide if Your Child Should Compete in a Pageant)

Always make sure the shoes compliment your child and her divisions and outfit. You want her to be able to be herself on stage and not worry about her shoes. (Read: Guidelines for Parents When Practicing for a Pageant)

Interested in any of these styles? Click on the style name to be taken to the Chic Boutique website and you can purchase the shoes directly from them. Contact Chic Boutique if you have any questions regarding these styles or their other styles offered.

While every little girl can’t wait to wear her first pair of big girl shoes, keep her young while you can. Her feet will thank you for it in the future.

Good luck and happy shoe shopping!

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