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What To Do For Pageant Talent When You Don’t Have A Traditional Talent

When you don’t have a talent to perform during that portion of the pageant, WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU DO? You check TPP to save the day.

miss ohio, miss america, pageant talent
Miss Ohio performing her infamous ventriloquism routine


I’ve seen this a couple times myself in person, and it is very interesting. The contestant had never competed in a pageant before, but she was a very skilled painter. What she did was a simple painting she perfected on her own, and did it in the limited time given. And the outcome was truly amazing, not only because it was a beautiful painting but for how fast she made it!


Whether it be acting out a cooking show, performing a monologue or acting as a certain celebrity, acting is a skill that you could easily perform. Take the time given and give yourself a little skit to perform for your talent. Use a dramatic, serious or comedic monologue to show your many emotions.

A fellow contestant of mine at a local pageant once performed a skit as Lucile Ball selling a certain “remedy,” it turned into making her “drunk” (or at least a little loopy) and it had the crowd rolling! While I’ve also seen contestants perform self-written monologues expressing something they’ve experienced, both dramatic and comedic. The judges will be impressed with your talent of acting, and how much information you crammed in the limited time.

Karate/Martial Arts

With the current Miss USA Nia Sanchez being such an influence on young women with taekwondo, why not show what you can do? If you have a background in martial arts, or are looking to learn self defense, take some advice from Nia.

“I’ve never been in a situation where I felt threatened or anything,” Sanchez told FOX Sports. “I’m very lucky for that. But I’m confident that if it ever did happen, I could take care of myself.” So while also learning an awesome talent, you could learn how to defend yourself in any a necessary situation.


Sometimes being an expert pinterest crafter can really save you! Find a simple, but doable craft, or project you can finish effectively in the time given and you will definitely shock the judges and the crowd.

I once saw a pageant girl show a crowd how to effectively pack a suitcase as her talent. It was a perfectly rehearsed informative speech that was entertaining and interesting. If you show how to sew a button on a shirt, how to crochet or any other hobby you have, you could be informing the judges of the many wonders that make you, you!

Stand Up Comedy

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? This past year at Miss America, Miss Maine, Audrey Thames, performed a hysterical stand up comedy routine. Not only did she get the crowd laughing, she got them thinking. This is a talent more girls could acquire and really sell. Most of the time it’s best to have a little routine prepared, but if you can time yourself talking or telling a funny story in the given time, you will be just fine.

Self Defense

Along with martial arts, who doesn’t recall the amazing self defense talent from the beautiful Gracie Lou Freebush? Having a talent that teaches how to defend yourself in quick and effective ways can be sure to show the judges YOU MEAN BUSINESS.

If you have a pageant platform that is involved with domestic violence, this would be a great talent to show women how to protect themselves in domestic situations. But just be sure having someone on stage with you, or a prop on stage with you that you “attack” meets the pageants regulations.

Water Glasses

Another Gracie Lou talent fix, but to be honest, I’ve never truly been able to do this for myself as a talent. And trust me, I’ve tried at my fair share of restaurants. But if you could see yourself rocking this talent, watch a couple youtube videos to help you get you ready. (Just keep in mind, your competition might “accidentally” drink your talent).

Playing an inanimate object

Who can disagree? From Pitch Perfect, to the Miss America stage, playing a cup is a simple and effective talent. Take some pointers from Kira Kazantsev and Anna Kendrick on how to win the hearts of judges by performing this unique talent.

Along with playing a cup you could play spoons, whistle, hand clap, anything that you feel is a passion of yours that makes music without actually having to know how to play an instrument. Keep things interesting and find ways to play inanimate objects you wouldn’t expect someone else to play.

Go Grace Lu!

It may be difficult to pick a talent if you don’t really have a “talent,” but don’t feel you don’t have any talent. You are amazing, just as you are. The words you say in interview, are the music of your mind. The steps you take in evening down is the dance of your grace. You are talented in many aspects, even if you think you don’t have a talent. But if you need some help picking something…

…when in doubt, always remember to S.I.N.G. 🙂

Which dress do you like better?

4 thoughts on “What To Do For Pageant Talent When You Don’t Have A Traditional Talent

  1. One of my good friends is coaching an aspiring pageant contestant. The young lady plays piano, but the coach asked me if I knew of any monologues that might include playing the piano as well. Off the top of my head, I couldn’t think of anything. Any thoughts?? OR could any monologue work with a piano playing background. I have to admit it does sound different, but as we all know, different may not necessarily be good. Any suggestions would be appreciated, even if you think it’s off the wall. Thanks.

    1. I would not suggest doing a monologue on top of a piano piece as a general rule of thumb. The two just do not organically go together. However, and this is a BIG however, it could work but the monologue would have to be an absolute masterpiece that is perfectly suited for the pianist. But, if she is not a professional actress I would highly suggest not doing it.

  2. When I competed at Us of America in the Classic Ms. Division I was completely stumped as to what to do… I’m a kids entertainer and face painter. So I used that.. Non typical pageant talent and pulled someone out of the crowd.. Put them in a chair (the person was preplanned) and curled the sou d to play Eye of The Tiger and painted a beautiful tiger face in two minutes. I won. So think outside the box bit within a scope u are comfortable with and u will feel great showcasing on stage. The judges can read comfort. It was clear I was in my element. It was rewarded.

  3. Hi.. If painting the face of an audience can make you win a pageant…can massaging an audience to relieve their stress count as a talent? Because I am really good at it.

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