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What To Do When You Lose Your Voice Before A Pageant

I don’t have a voice!

It’s pageant morning. . . you just have woken up and you start to speak when . . . IT HITS YOU. YOU HAVE NO VOICE. A vocalists worst nightmare, especially before a performance. Well have no fear my sweet songbirds, here is what to do if you lose your voice before a pageant. These steps can help you get your voice back the week before and the day of the pageant.

1. Stay Calm

Stressing about something that has already happened won’t make it any better, and plus you have other things you could be worrying about the day of the pageant. Just take a deep breath and begin your pageant prep.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Most of the time the reason vocalists have a sore throat or loose their voice is due to dehydration. Be sure to constantly have a water bottle in your hand so you know to keep yourself hydrated.

3. Make Some Tea

Along with drinking lots of water, it’s good to drink hot tea to sooth your throat. Yogi brand tea is what I always drink the week before a pageant every morning and night. They have a throat tea that feels magical. If you drink it the day of the pageant, it will work its magic on you.

If you are more of a purest though and like plain tea, that works too. Just add some lemon and honey and you will be good to go.

4. Eat Honey

pageant titleholder, miss america
Katie Stam crowned Miss America

Along with the energy kick, honey is a great throat soother. I know it sounds crazy, but I drink it straight from the bottle before my performances. You don’t need to overkill on the honey, but its good to keep a bottle in your pageant bag. (I do!)

5. Keep Talking to a Minimum

The week before Miss West Virginia 2013 I lost my voice, and everyday I kept quiet (hard to believe, I know). I barely spoke and if I did speak, I would just whisper. So give your voice a rest and zip it closed!

These steps are simple and really can improve your voice if you follow them as directed. I know this because I have lived it! Another great product to invest in is VocalZone. You can order it on amazon.com and this is what famous singers use to keep themselves from loosing their voice.

The biggest thing to remember is to stay positive. If you are worried you won’t really be able to perform, realize that these things happen. Judges understand. I told my panel of judges I was losing my voice while I was in private interview and they told me they could tell but not to worry. One of the judges was loosing her voice as well, so I wasn’t alone! Everyone has their off days, even Katie Stam had a throat infection during Miss America and still won talent. (And Miss America). It’s easy to stress yourself over losing your voice, but this is only a bump in the road that you can get over very easily as long as you stay hydrated, calm, and quiet. Losing your voice should be the least of your worries the week before and day of the pageant. We all know the biggest worry is getting all the butt glue off before you step into evening gown!

Which dress do you like better?

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