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When Should You Style Your Hair in a Bun for a Pageant?

International Junior Miss 2016, Jasmine Guy. Photo: International Junior Miss
International Junior Miss 2016, Jasmine Guy. Photo: International Junior Miss

Although a beauty pageant isn’t always solely based on looks (there’s a personality factor that goes into the judging, too), it’s still important for contestants to present a polished look. Your outfit, makeup and hairdo all work together to complement one another and create your ending style.

While you might be despairing over how to style your hair and all the things that could go wrong, there are a few beauty pageant tips that may help you.

When should you wear a bun?

You never know what could happen backstage at a beauty pageant. You might have had your hairstyle picked out for months and then when you get backstage, you can’t find your curling iron or you don’t have enough time to create an elaborate style.

In such cases, it might be a good idea to style your hair in a bun.

Buns are perfect for emergencies and are relatively easy to create. Plus, plenty of ladies have landed a crown with a bun hairstyle!

If you’ve decided to wear a bun because you feel that it best complements your gown or because you’ve been forced to due to an emergency, you still need to ensure you style your bun appropriately. Different types of buns exist, such as low buns and high buns.

The high bun is the type of bun most often seen sported at beauty pageants, likely because high buns portray a regal bearing. They are simple and elegant without being overstated.

Consider the following when going for a bun hairstyle in a pageant:

1. Face shape

The shape of your face will greatly impact how a bun looks on you. If you have sharp features, then sweeping all of your hair up in a bun will highlight the angles of your face. You might want to consider allowing a lock or two of hair to frame your face to soften it if this is a concern.

Likewise, if you have a large forehead, you might want to consider a fringe of side-swept bangs to bridge the gap between your eyes and hairline. (Read: 5 Makeup Tips Based on Your Face Shape)

2. Gown type

While buns will go with almost any type of gown, you might want to adjust your bun accordingly for certain outfits. For instance, if you’re wearing a Grecian-style gown, then adorning your bun with a piece of braided hair will keep with your romantic theme. On the other hand, if your gown is a modern, chic style, you might want to stick with a tight, clean bun. (Read: Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Winning Gown)

3. Makeup

The type of bun you should use in a pageant also depends upon the type of makeup you’ve employed. Dramatic makeup tends to call for formal buns, while softer, more romantic palettes call for looser, more whimsical buns. (Read: Top 5 Makeup Trends for 2017)

Going Forward

Even though they are an amazing experience, beauty pageants are nerve-wracking enough without you having to stress over your hair. The beauty pageant tips above can help you be more prepared for your pageant, and when all else fails, be assured that you can sweep your hair up into an elegant bun for an easy updo.

Cassidy Flannegan is a mother and a blogger passionate about fashion and beauty, who writes for Hairmotive.com. She is a trained hairstylist and a makeup lover. She loves taking care of her daughters’ hair, braiding it and creating different hairstyles. She puts a lot of effort into taking care of her hair and skin by drinking a lot of water, having a healthy lifestyle, and creating suitable morning and evening routines.

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One thought on “When Should You Style Your Hair in a Bun for a Pageant?

  1. Everything in this article is spot on!!!A great information for every stylist.I have tried this similar style for my models too but some don’t find it really great on them.The outfit is damn good!Thanks for sharing.

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