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World Supermodel England 2017 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

World Supermodel England 2017
Rachel Dawson recently won the title of World Supermodel England 2017. Photo: Stuart Day of SDFoto.co.uk

World Supermodel England 2017 Evening Gown

Rachel Dawson was crowned World Supermodel England and will go on to represent her country at the international World Supermodel competition!

The Color 

Blue is always a popular color at a pageant. However, rather than going with a royal or navy blue gown, Rachel chose this unique shade of sky blue. This definitely made her stand out on stage, especially because of the dark backdrop.

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The Silhouette 

Rachel’s evening gown features a shelf-top bodice, a collum silhouette with an overshirt, a fabric band across her natural waistline and embellishments throughout the gown. These elements make this gown both elegant and fun.

This eye-catching neckline makes Rachel look glamorous and draws attention up to her facial beauty. Since she has a slim frame, the shelf-top bodice is quite flattering on her.

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The embellishments on her evening gown are intricate, yet delicate. They add some sparkle to the overall look without distracting from the other elements. The band on her natural waistline and the overskirt prevent her figure from being swallowed by the embellishments.

The Styling 

Rachel let her dark hair flow down her back during the evening gown competition. Not only did this styling choice frame her face well, but it didn’t hide the embellishments on her bodice.

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The Verdict 

Rachel chose such a glamorous evening gown for the 2017 World Supermodel England pageant! Not only did this evening gown stand out, but it flatters Rachel’s figure. Everything from the silhouette to the styling choices makes this gown a HIT! Congratulations, Rachel!

Do you agree or disagree with my verdict? Weigh in by clicking HIT or MISS below.

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Which dress do you like better?

2 thoughts on “World Supermodel England 2017 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

  1. Fantastic choice of dress as always by Rachael Dawson. 😍

    1. I love this dress on Rachael, beautiful colour and really suits her

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