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Young Miss Capital City 2017 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Catarina Costa, Young Miss Capital City 2017 - Photo: Robert Brooks
Catarina Costa, Young Miss Capital City 2017. Photo: Robert Brooks

Young Miss Capital City 2017 Evening Gown

Catarina Costa is the new Young Miss Capital City 2017! She wowed the judges in this light blue ball gown.

The Color

Catarina is wearing this light blue ball gown that does appear to look white under the bright stage lights. However, despite the color, Catarina looks fantastic in this lighter tone as it complements her dark hair and fair complexion.

Lighter colors are also a great choice for those competing in a Young Miss Division.

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The Silhouette

Catarina’s gown has a small sweetheart neckline, nude mesh illusion up to the high neckline, and piped beading around the neck and shoulders.

The top of her dress is fitted with clusters of floral rhinestone details and then transitions into a ball gown skirt. I especially love this style of dress for those competing in a Young Miss competition. The style is fun, angelic and elegant all at the same time.

The Styling

Catarina’s long dark hair looks flawless as it’s curled in large soft curls and parted to one side. Even though her hair is styled down, it is pulled away from her face and the top detailing of the dress, really emphasizing Catarina’s beautiful facial features.

Drop down crystal earrings are worn to tie this elegant look together.

The Verdict

Without a doubt, this look is a HIT! Congratulations, Catarina!

Do you agree or disagree with my verdict? Weigh in by clicking HIT or MISS below!

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